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A New Year’s Eve Letter

Existential Choice in the Time of Trump, 3

Route 66: The Myth, the Model-T, and Mobility

Existential Choice in the Time of Trump, 2

The Magellanic Diaries 7

Existential Choice in the Time of Trump

Cinema Verite, Kino Pravda, Film Truth, (Inspired by a True Story)

Where I Stand

Prince Henry “the Navigator”

From the Archives: "The Dark Backward"

From the Archives: "Who"

From the Archives: “I Have Tried to Write Paradise”

The Polsonal is Perlitical

The Twentieth Century Passes


The Dimensions of Free Speech

Thrown into the Margins


A Map of the Time of the Mind

Reflections on the Spirit of Resistance

Reading the World

Mary McCarthy’s Curious Confession

Home of Homo Vitruvius

Homo Vitruvius's First Essay, 4/12/23

Happy Made-Up Anniversary to Me

Van Gogh’s Eyes

We Are Family

A Terrible Honesty

Rising and Falling

Left Bereft

The Indigenous Rights Movement

Recovering from Discovery

The History of Language

The Close Read: Missing in Memoir 2

Ocean's End

Seeking Your Guidance!

A Headlight through the Wormhole

Code Talkers 2

The Close Read: Missing in Memoir 1

New Wine in Old Bottles

Code Talkers

The Magellanic Diaries 4

Method to Their Madness

A Portrait of the Artist from a Young Sentence

The Megallanic Diaries 3

Waiting for Word

The Magellanic Diaries 2

Renowned Photographer Saves Obscure Writer’s Life in Parisian Café

Midweek Short: The Magellanic Diaries, 1

A Death in Summer

Midweek Short: My Substack Project

The Faith Fallacy

Midweek Short: New Website (Finally) Live

Life in Motion

California Dreamin’, Part II

Midweek Short: A Note about Homo Vitruvius and “Notes”

California Dreamin’

Cool, Man

The Words

The Necessary, Honorable Thing

There Is No Fate

Midweek Short: "Ripe with Riches is the Swollen World"

The Dark Backward

Highlights from my new Writer Website:

“I Have Tried to Write Paradise”

Midweek Short:

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In the Prison of His Days

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