TY for the restack, Jay. I must now add that I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles and drove--I was not the driver, btw-- Route 66 to get to LA where I now live. Was in Hyde Park for a few years, trying not to run over all those Nobel Laureates :); Hyde Park joke, sorta ...

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Jay, not only do I love this post, the fab quotes interspersed--but I was a deep reader of DoubleTake magazine and I interviewed everyone, including Robert Coles and David Parker. In the recent past, you might like what I did here, assuming we share a particular political stance—and I rarely, if ever, write on politics: https://marytabor.substack.com/p/time-for-the-united-states-to-do At the time, I couldn't help but speak out. Anyway, great post! ~M

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Thanks, Jay.

I love travel, in person or in my imagination.

Ironically, our new passports arrived yesterday in preparation for our travel to Ukraine next spring. To see and imagine how Cindy's grandparents lived in Odessa, UA. We might travel to neighboring countries.

Perfect timing.

Thanks, again!!


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